rooftop flat shines even brighter

This Berlin-Mitte apartment in amazing location with lovely views above the urban streets live just came into age and looked dull and without any charm.

When the client bought this studio flat she was after a totally new modern look in a minimal but still more appealing and cosy style.

We renewed the overal flooring which was key to the new appearance. Repainting walls, skirtings and frames including the flat door and built-in wardrobe already gave a cleaner look. The new kitchen and bathroom design introduced a very different feel to it.

The new room-height crittal door between the corridor and living space brings in a loft feeling and connects the different spaces in a beautiful and special way.

42 sqm

Berlin Brunnenviertel


  • Sun-flooded loft-style apartments
  • Intelligent use of unused areas
  • Full-height library walls
  • Providing optimal use of space