design investment

to learn about the principle

We offer SPACE OPTIMIZATION, generating smart floor plans by implementing a design that best suits your needs. With a few skilful and efficient changes we create new and improved layouts which allow for an enhanced quality of life and a completely new living experience. People’s living standards change and therefore the challenge is always to preserve the quality of the existing space and to see the potential in what it can become. We use our expertize to achieve this balance.
We don’t deliver a design solution, we develop one with you.

what we offer

our services

layout design
finishes selection
detailing of bespoke items
3D visualisation
vintage and furniture sourcing
lighting design
electrical fit-out
construction supervision

how we work

our process follows these stages

design stage 1

concept design

design stage 2

design development

  • concept sketches
  • site studies
  • concept layout
  • look & feel moodboard


  • schematic plans, elevations & sections
  • schedule of finishes & fittings
  • furniture plans & specifications
  • key design & details
  • final moodboards
  • sample materials for approval


design stage 3

construction documentation

design stage 4


  • construction details as required
  • design intent infirmation as required
  • matching materials to suit availability & budget
  • review construction drawing by consultants


  • quality control
  • review of construction in accordance with design
  • respond to construction queries


but … can you afford it?

You might be wondering why you should actually opt for this service at all?

It will save you a lot of trouble, time and money in the end.

… but we think it is not about what you save, it is about what you gain!

  • obtaining customized design for perfect individual solutions
  • gaining square meters by optimized floor plans
  • saving time and hassle by working with an existing team of designers and consultants
  • obtaining customized design for perfect individual solutions
  • receiving supervision by an expert during the construction phase
  • benefiting from an efficient and economically savvy approach
  • delivering concept-driven design for stronger investment opportunities 

It is not a matter of expensive design, but smart solutions.

how it works

based on a real example

case study 1

standard purchases without our help

3-bed flat purchase

standard layout

no individual solution

no immediate profit

no customized design

case study 1

custom solution with our help


2-bed flat purchase


refurbishment, smart layout – adding 3rd bedroom, storage, powder room


design fee



sale price / evaluation 6 month after purchase

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