mini apartment

This Camden project shows the transformation of a former office attic space into a bright studio loft.

The existing floorplan was demolished entirely and a cube was placed as a center piece to define clear spatial zones.
It contains various hidden elements such as bathroom, wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

While the cube makes functional and habitable the scale of this lofty room, at the same time the property retains the spacious studio feeling.

A full-wall library including stairs, kitchen and study desk which can be folded away, makes clever use of space by using the 5m high ceiling under the hip roof.

With all its unique features, this studio reflects modern personality and being located in central London is an ideal home for a single entrepreneur.

46 sqm

London Camden


  • Transformation into a bright studio loft
  • Cube with multiple use
  • Full library stairs wall
  • Clever use of space